Manos N. Kamarianakis's home page


I am interested in all aspects of Computational Geometry and Geometric Algebra that include design of geometric predicates. I am currently working on Geometric Algebra applications on Computer graphics. I am also researching decidability on diophantine problems over various rings and languages.

  1. Deform, Cut and Tear a skinned model using Conformal Geometric Algebra. M. Kamarianakis and G. Papagiannakis, CGI 2020 (ENGAGE Workshop), Geneva, Switzerland, 2020 [arXiv]
  2. MAGES 3.0: Tying the knot of medical VR. G. Papagiannakis, P. Zikas, N. Lydatakis, S. Kateros, M. Kentros, E. Geronikolakis, M. Kamarianakis, I. Kartsonaki and G. Evangelou, SIGGRAPH 2020, Washington D.C., August 2020 [arXiv]
  3. Predicates for the 3D Apollonius Diagram. M. Kamarianakis, Ph.D. Thesis, December 2018 [arXiv] Advisor: Menelaos Karavelas
  4. The EdgeConflict Predicate in the 3D Apollonius Voronoi Diagram. M. Kamarianakis, Conference Paper, Sixth International Conference on Analytic Number Theory and Spatial Tessellations, Kiev, Ukraine, September 2018 [full version of accepted paper]
  5. Analysis of the Incircle predicate for the Euclidean Voronoi diagram of axes-aligned line segments. M. Kamarianakis and M. Karavelas Conference Paper, EuroCG 2012, Assisi, Italy, March 2012 [arXiv]
  6. Predicates for the Euclidean Voronoi diagram of axis-aligned and ortho-45o line segments. M. Kamarianakis, M.S. Thesis, Inter-departmental Graduate Program "Mathematics and its Applications", University of Crete, July 2011 [greek text with english summary, thesis presentation in english] Advisor: Menelaos Karavelas